Ald. Schulter Endorses Tom O’Donnell in 47th Ward Race

By Samantha Abernethy | Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Alderman Gene Schulter speaks at his October campaign launch. Photo by Samantha Abernethy.

Ald. Gene Schulter will endorse Tom O’Donnell to replace him as 47th Ward alderman, O’Donnell’s office announced in a release Wednesday.

“Tom O’Donnell has led a life dedicated to public service, which is why I’m endorsing him to serve as the 47th Ward’s next alderman,” Ald. Schulter said at the 47th Ward Democratic Party meeting.

Read the full release from O’Donnell’s office below.

Schulter announced Jan. 17 that he would not seek another term and instead has applied to serve on the Cook County Board of Review.

The announcement of Schulter’s endorsement comes as no surprise, given O’Donnell’s connections to the alderman.

Rumors of Schulter’s retirement had swirled since November, when O’Donnell filed to run for the seat after circulating petitions for Schulter.

After Schulter announced his retirement last week, O’Donnell said he hopefully would get an endorsement from Schulter and the 47th Ward organization.

Schulter has supported O’Donnell—a former president of the Democratic Party of the 47th Ward—for other positions in the past, including a 2007 vacancy for 13th District state representative.

O’Donnell has also been a special assistant to Sheriff Tom Dart, president of the Ravenswood Community Council and a member of the Welles Park Advisory Council.

Three other candidates are on the ballot for the 47th Ward post: Matt Reichel, Ameya Pawar and Tom Jacks.

The municipal election is Tuesday, Feb. 22. Early voting begins January 31.


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