Ald. Mell & Cook County Comm. Fritchey Call For Pot Tickets

By Mike Fourcher | Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A marijuana plant. Credit: Flickr/wantedarrest

Center Square’s Cook County Commissioner, John Fritchey (D-12), and Ald. Dick Mell (33rd) are planning a press conference tomorrow morning to call upon Chicago and Cook County police to issue tickets instead of jailing and prosecuting offenders with small amounts of marijuana.

What do you think of the proposal? Tell us in the comments. The complete press release is below:

City, County Officials Call for New Marijuana Policy

Say Ticketing for Possession Makes Practical and Economic Sense

CHICAGO – Cook County Commissioner John Fritchey (D-12th) will host a press conference tomorrow where he will be joined by a cross-section of Chicago Aldermen to call upon Chicago police and law enforcement officials in other Cook County municipalities to start issuing tickets for possession of small amounts of marijuana rather than arresting offenders. Fritchey, along with Aldermen Richard Mell (33rd), Walter Burnett (27th) and Ariel Reboyras (30th), maintain that such a move not only makes practical sense, but also that it would save tens of millions of dollars and free up undermanned police forces to focus on more serious crimes.

DATE: TOMORROW, Thursday, October 27, 2011
TIME: 10am
WHERE: Cook County Building
118 N Clark Street
11th floor

“The simple truth is that the decades-long policies that we have had toward possession of small amounts of marijuana have failed to do anything other than fill our jails with non-violent offenders, strain our budgets, and according to some studies, even cause an increase in more serious crime,” stated Commissioner Fritchey.

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  • Anonymous

    Cook County Commissioner John Fritchey (12th) is running for reelection as the 32nd Ward Democratic Committeeman in the March 20, 2012 primary. Fritchey was first elected as 32nd Ward committeeman in 2008.

    The duties of a Cook County commissioner have nothing to do with the 32nd Ward committeeman duties as Commissioner Fritchey has had nothing to do with the 32nd Ward committeeman duties since 2008. 

    One wonders if the Pot Proposal proposal has been presented to the President of the Cook County Board and the Cook County Board, the Mayor of Chicago and the Sheriff of Cook County? 

    Or is just this an attempt to get publicity for the 32nd Ward committeeman race? Let’s hear your comments. 

    Joe Lake, Chicago

  • http://twitter.com/johnfritchey John Fritchey

    You want to hear my comments Joe? Here you go.

    Your post is about as misinformed as most of your other posts and e-mails.

    The Cook County Board already has passed an ordinance to make possession of small amounts of marijuana a ticket violation offense and it is presently in effect.  We are asking the City and other Cook County municipalities to follow suit.  

    Following my discussions with both of them, President Preckwinkle does indeed support the proposal and Sheriff Dart supports it as well.  The Mayor has yet to take a position on the issue, part of the reason for the press conference.See Joe, that’s the difference between certain elected officials that you support who just try to get in the news but don’t follow through with any accomplishments and ones that actually work to get results.

    Next time, try to know your facts so as not to keep looking like some ranting person hiding behind a keyboard who just posts things without knowing what they’re talking about.

    • Anonymous

      Joe Lake’s Klout Score at:  http://klout.com/#/joelake

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EMEVY3JOHCLP2GP2STINZDUGHU James

    It is indeed refreshing to find political leaders from diverse communities of Chicago and Cook County doing something constructive regarding drug policy, something realistic, sensible, moderate, and less harmful to society than zero-tolerance drug war, and something also fiscally responsible.  One can only hope that the Chicago City Council and all suburban elected officials will recognize the wisdom of those public officials making this proposal and calling this press conference to support it.  It would be best if all kids in Cook County were treated alike, consistent with the lead of Pres. Toni Preckwinkle and the Cook County Board that first acted to pass a “pot-ticket” ordinance for unincorporated Cook County.  If adopted, a pot-ticket ordinance would result in the issuance of tickets for small-time marijuana violations (like a P-ticket for a parking violation) with no arrest, fingerprinting, photographing, processing, criminal record, incarceration and typical discharge of such marijuana violators.  Government policy that is sensible, affordable and helpful — wonderful!

    • Anonymous

      James, thank you for your excellent explanation of the possibilities of the Pot-Ticket Ordinance. We all know the War on Drugs failed and new ordinances and laws are required. Joe Lake, Chicago

      • http://twitter.com/johnfritchey John Fritchey

        Funny Joe, last night you were decrying it as a publicity stunt.

        • Anonymous

          Joe Lake, Chicago – Public Profile – EveryBlock  http://chicago.everyblock.com/users/1090

  • https://plus.google.com/101569877506852293509/about Dark Knight

    While I welcome reform, Commissioner Fritchey has been silent on this and many other issues for YEARS.

    I too question his legitimacy seeing how he is the last of the dying breed of Chicago-machine politicians…

    • http://twitter.com/johnfritchey John Fritchey

      Actually, you might want to talk with the medical cannabis advocates about that, given that I had been one of the Chief Sponsors of their legislation in Springfield for YEARS and have continued to consult with them even though I’m no longer in the Legislature.  

      Additionally, I haven’t seen any other local officials willing to step up on this issue until today’s announcement.

      Again, check your facts before making baseless accusations.

      • Chgo Dark Knight

        Not baseless at all. You’ve been my State Rep, County Commish AND Committeman and I’ve never even SEEN you in my neighborhood before.

        All of the sudden you surface in the media as being concerned about this issue. Really?C’mon man. You’re a machine politician at the end of his career, trying to hold on to the last few straws of Zoning issues so that you can LINE YOUR POCKETS.Lead by example or get out of the way.

        • http://twitter.com/johnfritchey John Fritchey

          I love how you keep avoiding the FACTS that I raise and instead keep throwing out accusations that you can’t back up.   I’ll proudly put up my record of results against anybody in the area. Again, I ‘suddenly’ surface on this issue? I’ve been working on it for years, check the records, the facts, the advocates.  Which of your other electeds has done ANYTHING on this issue? Name them.  Seriously.
          If you haven’t seen me in the neighborhood, then you’ve been in hiding. Just like you are now. You can just keep criticizing from the shadows. Take care, I’ve got work to do.  

        • https://plus.google.com/101569877506852293509 Dark Knight

          Yes readers, John DOES have work to go do-

          The old convent at Hermitage/Cortland and numerous other property development projects.

          You see readers, Mr. Fritchey doesn’t really care about your pot or your sticker fees or anything about you at all.
          After being kicked out of the Banks’ famiglia John is quite desperate to earn some cash to support his exorbitant lifestyle of Cadillacs, boozin’ and his addiction to tanning-booths. He does that by leeching zoning issues with greedy developers.

          And the best way for him to continue to line his pockets is to stay in the machine. 
          Do the City and County a favor folks, stop electing this charlatan.

        • http://twitter.com/johnfritchey John Fritchey

          Again, you ignore the facts and the important subject at hand and try to change the subject by engaging in immature and incorrect libel.

          You also again avoid answering my relevant question, mainly because you just can’t. The fact is that NONE of your local elected officials have accomplished the results that I have on countless issues.  If you really want me to get into the specifics of what certain of them have, and haven’t, done, I’d be happy to.  But I’m not sure that’s a factual discussion that you really want to get into.

          That’s why I’m proud that my work has been recognized and awarded by the Independent Voters of Illinois, the Illinois State Crime Commission and the Illinois Committee for Honest Government among countless other organizations.

          But you keep hiding behind your baseless anonymous posts.  So predictable.  Unless and until the owners of this site start to monitor posts for libelous comments or prevent anonymous posts, I’m completely done here.

        • Anonymous

          DAMN Dark Knight!! You whooped his ass and made him flee the scene!! HAR-HAR!
          Truth must really hurt.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_K25QIPWB52RF4UK4XCP62I73LA Becky

    Finally some SANITY on this issue.  Cook county, and this country, spend far too much time, money and resources fighting against marijuana.  As an ex-Lakeview/Wrigleyville resident, I saw far more hostile, violent, crazy, disprespectful drunk people on a daily basis and never once noticed a disruptive pot smoker.  It’s such a double-standard and so ridiculous. 

  • Anonymous

    Cook County Commission John Fritchey makes the Weed Blog, Facebook Page (4,025 Like This) at:  http://www.facebook.com/WeedBlog 

    Commissioner Fritchey is campaigning for reelection as the 32nd Ward Democratic Committeeman in the March 20, 2012 primary election. Commissioner Frichey was first elected as committeeman in 2008.

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