A Star-Spangled Fourth of July Tribute: ‘This Is My America’

By Patty Wetli | Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Credit: Flickr/Monike Thorpe

Yesterday we introduced you to the City Life Supplement. (Haven’t read the post yet? Clink the link, we’ll be here when you get back.) Today we offer up this audio clip from the most recent CLS production, “The America Show,” recorded June 30 at Transistor.

It’s a lovely bit of storytelling, courtesy of Matt Lyle, CLS artistic producer, and a reminder of what we’re celebrating this Independence Day — the very best of the American Dream. Check your cynicism at the door and have a listen.

To all our readers, a happy 4th of July.

Click here for audio: CLS helluva month (2)

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