47th Ward Aldermanic Questionnaire Responses – UPDATE

By Mike Fourcher | Friday, January 28, 2011

UPDATE: Tom O’Donnell requested and was granted an extension. He provided his questionnaire responses late, at noon, Friday, January 28. His response is at the bottom of this post.

Here are the responses to questionnaires distributed to the four 2011 candidates for 47th Ward Alderman. The response deadline was 11:59pm, Thursday, January 20.

All candidates were emailed a link to the questionnaire, if their email address was available. All candidates were called and left multiple messages requesting their participation.

Three candidates responded. Candidate Tom O’Donnell did not respond to our calls or the questionnaire.

All four candidates have also been invited to attend our February 15 candidates’ forum.

Tom Jacks 47th Ward CSJ-Inside Questionnaire

Ameya Pawar 47th Ward CSJ-Inside Questionnaire

Matt Reichel 47th Ward CSJ-Inside Questionnaire

Tom O’Donnell 47thWard CSJ-Inside Questionnaire

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  • Anonymous

    O’Donnell is a joke of a candidate. Overall, I thought Schulter did a good job for the 47th and that he truly cared about its future and the future of the city. The back-door appointment of O’Donnell totally blows Schulter’s credibility and is a blow to any legacy he wanted to leave. After attending the Aldermanic forum last week at Coonley, I can confidently say that Ameya Pawar is the best candidate for the 47th Ward. He is an educated and thoughtful individual who will be earnest in his role as a legislature in the City Council. Let’s face it, the City is in much worse shape than the 47th Ward. We need a good strong City Council to figure out solutions to some ominous and imposing issues.

  • Anonymous

    After attending the Aldermanic forum at Coonley, it is clear that Ameya Pawar is the best candidate. I thought Schulter did a pretty good job over the years, but he totally blew his credibility with the back-door appointment of O’Donnell. We need an Alderman who can help shepherd the City through this difficult times by providing thoughtful and intelligent leadership as a legislator. Ameya Pawar has the educational background and intelligence that the city needs. O’Donnell did not have a single creative or new idea. His big “vision” was community gardens on empty city lots. Nice, but how about the very real policy issues facing the city, like credit ratings, education, pension funds, etc. Pawar understands that in the case of the City of Chicago, the whole is greater than the parts. O’Donnell is only concerned about having control over the street sweepers.

    • Anonymous


      Thoughts on the other two candidates?

  • Anonymous

    Who will revitalize Lawrence Avenue between Western and the Chicago River ?

    That’s who gets my vote and that of my neighbors.

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