Mell, Schulter, and O’Connor File Economic Interest Statements

By Hunter Clauss | Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lincoln Square-area aldermen Eugene Schulter (47th), Richard Mell,(33rd), and Patrick O?Connor (40th) have all submitted their statements of financial interests for 2009. Aldermen are required by law to file these documents every year, and they show what kinds of side jobs aldermen have and whether those businesses made any money from the city. These documents also show whether an alderman?s spouse had done any business with the city, if an alderman accepted any gifts valued above $500, whether an alderman owns any real estate, what capital assets an alderman has, and if an alderman owes $5,000 or more in debt.

O?Connor stated he works as an ?in-house Counsel? to Foster Bank, 5225 N. Kedzie Ave., and as an attorney at the Law Offices of Patrick J. O?Connor. O?Connor also wrote he owns real estate at 2545 W. Catalpa Ave. and 5321 N. Lincoln Ave. O?Connor did not indicate whether his wife, Barbara, had done any business with the city. In 2008, Barbara worked for a developer on a senior housing project that received $35.9 million from the city, and the alderman came under fire for voting in favor of a zoning change that the developer needed.

Mell did not report any side jobs, but he did state he had an interest in Des Plaines-based Gas Technology Institute. Mell also states that he has a financial interest in real estate located at 3649 N. Kedzie Ave., which is where his ward office is located.

In his statement of finance interest, Schulter wrote he is still a director at North Community Bank, 3639 N. Broadway Ave. Like Mell and O’Connor, Schulter did not report any capital assets in excess of $5,000 or if he acquired any debt.

The economic interest statements for all 50 aldermen can be found on the city clerk?s website.

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