19th Police District Releases Crime Statistics

By Mike Fourcher | Friday, October 7, 2011

Chicago Police Car in Center Square. Credit: Mike Fourcher

In an effort to quell concerns about a number of high profile violent crimes in the 19th Police District, Lt. John Willner, sent out a document via email on Tuesday comparing the violent and property crime levels of districts throughout Chicago.

“These few publicized incidents have caused many to believe that they are somehow less safe than they were a short time ago, but in reality that is not true,” wrote Willner. “After reviewing this data, you will note that crime incidents are down in our district, not up as most people think. In fact, our district’s crime reduction percentage is over twice that of the citywide average.”

In the official document, the 19th District, which is bounded by Clark St. to the east, Fullerton Ave. to the south, Foster Lawrence Ave. to the north and the Chicago River in the west, ranked 9th 4th best in reducing violent crime since 2010, 8th 4th best in reducing property crime and 5th 2nd best in reducing all crime over all. There are 25 police districts in Chicago.

[Note: We misread the document provided by the Police Department on the rankings. We regret the error.]

Chicago Police Summary, August 2011

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  • Anonymous

    The 19th police district is bounded on the north by Lawrence, not Foster. North of Lawrence is the 20th district.

    • Anonymous

      You’re right. Not sure how I made that mistake. Fixed.

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