Merger Of German Organizations Canceled

By Samantha Abernethy | Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Maypole at Mayfest 2010. Photo by Laura Pearson.

A plan to consolidate operations between DANK Haus German American Cultural Center and United German American Societies of Greater Chicagoland has fallen through.

The agreement would have provided $1 million in new funding to improve the DANK Haus building, freed up funds for new cultural programming by DANK Haus and more closely integrated the operations of Lincoln Square’s two largest annual events, German Day and Mayfest.

DANK Haus announced it would vote on the deal in December, but Center Square Journal reported in March that negotiations had stalled.

In a release from DANK Haus Monday, executive director Nicholle Dombrowski said, “After nearly two years of dedicated cooperation, this was clearly not the desired end. I think it is important to note that these types of partnerships are complex and the work that has been performed in the last two years is a truly invaluable foundation for anything that may arise in the future.”

DANK Haus will continue to be a vendor at Maifest, and each organization will retain control of its own assets.

DANK Haus still plans to renovate the building’s façade at 4740 N. Western Ave. The project is projected to cost $250,000. Half of the cost will be covered by a Small Business Improvement Fund Grant, provided by funds from the North Western Avenue TIF.

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