Living on a $30,000 Income

By Samantha Abernethy | Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Screen capture from the New York Times' census map.

ChicagoNow blogger (and occasional Center Square Journal contributor) Megan Cottrell took a look at local census statistics recently published in the New York Times’ in a handy-dandy colorful map.

Cottrell writes in the Chicago Muckrakers blog:

When I look at my own neighborhood, on the border between Lincoln Square and Albany Park on the city’s North West Side, I see a pretty typical melting pot. Fairly racially diverse, with a pretty middle of the road income. What surprised me was when I took a look at one of the NYT’s income maps – how many people make under $30,000 a year where I live.

Cottrell writes that 36 percent of people in her neighborhood are living on less than an income of $30,000 in what is not exactly the cheapest neighborhood in the city. Rent can easily take up more than 30 percent of a $30,000 income.

Cottrell asks others to take a look at their neighborhood on the New York times map and take note of what they see. Join the conversation.

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