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Tom O’Donnell Is Skipping Next Week’s Forum

By Mike Fourcher | Friday, February 11, 2011

First the news: Aldermanic candidate Tom O’Donnell will not be attending the 47th Ward candidates’ forum on Tuesday evening. His opponents, Tom Jacks, Ameya Pawar and Matt Reichel, have confirmed their attendance.

We strongly encourage you to come out to the DANK Haus, 4740 N. Western Ave., at 7 p.m. Tuesday, to learn what Mr. O’Donnell’s opponents have to offer. The forum will be moderated by the Chicago News Cooperative’s Mick Dumke.

Until today Center Square Journal has made it a practice to not choose political sides but we feel that Tom O’Donnell’s behavior is worth noting.

In his defense, Mr. O’Donnell’s campaign manager, Dan McDonald, cites an unnamed, unmovable conflict. Mr. O’Donnell has also responded to our questionnaire, as well as those from the Sun-Times and Chicago Tribune, but it is a well-known maxim among campaign managers that candidates should never write questionnaire responses. Mr. O’Donnell’s personal appearance could confirm his authorship.

Mr. O’Donnell’s unmovable conflict – despite over a month’s notice to reschedule – does not hold water with us. The last forum Mr. O’Donnell attended attracted well over 200 people and the 32nd Ward Forum we conducted two weeks ago attracted over 80 people. What event could Mr. O’Donnell have scheduled that would attract so many voters?

This is not the first time O’Donnell has demonstrated blatant disregard for the voters of the 47th Ward. The one forum he did attend, on January 26, he was literally reading his answers off a sheet of paper. You’d think a 30-year resident of Lincoln Square, as well as someone purportedly involved with the community would have developed some thoughts of his own. Or perhaps he could have prepared by memorizing some answers.

But Mr. O’Donnell’s most egregious insult to you, the voter, was that he filed to run for 47th Ward Alderman while also passing petitions for his political patron, retiring Alderman Eugene Schulter. Then, Mr. O’Donnell sat on his hands and waited for his political boss’ go ahead on January 17 on to begin his campaign.

Eugene Schulter has made it very plain that he is supporting Mr. O’Donnell. He and his 47th Ward political organization have contributed tens of thousands of dollars, knocked on doors and sent email on Mr. O’Donnell’s behalf.

Eugene Schulter has tried to clout O’Donnell into office before: For state representative in 2006 and 1995 and for Cook County Board in 1990.

This time the cash is rolling in for O’Donnell from all kinds interests from outside of the 47th Ward. Contributions include:

  • $1,000 from the Illinois Hotel and Motel PAC,
  • $5,000 from a donor in Highland Park,
  • $3,000 from a developer in Peoria and
  • $1,200 from a company based in Ohio.

Since January 24, Tom O’Donnell has raised over $56,000 from donors giving $1,000 or more.  All of it has come from either the 47th Ward organization or donors outside of the 47th Ward.

47th Ward voters have been seeing the product of these donations in their mailboxes. We’ve received a steady flow of mail pieces with Ald. Schulter and Mr. O’Donnell on the cover and flimsy slogans on the back. They are an ideal method for Mr. O’Donnell to raise his name ID but political mail does little to answer questions about what he would do once in office.

Mr. O’Donnell’s message is loud and clear: You don’t need to know me because you know my political sponsor, Eugene Schulter. Shouldn’t that be enough?

Don’t forget to vote.

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  • Anonymous

    This is really scary for the folks who live in the ward- and was surprised to see that yesterday he was also endorsed by Forest Claypool. I have little confidence that he is the right person, but am disappointed that two people with such influences are endorsing someone who clearly manages upwards and doesn’t care about the people he would be representing.

    • Anonymous

      This is really disappointing, I think Forrest has been consumed by the Machine. Who is the 2nd person that you mentioned? Schulter? That’s a joke if I ever heard one. Remember that Schulter’s people feigned surprise when it was finally announced that O’Donnell was running…WHAT A JOKE! This was all orchestrated! Bannish these bums from the 47th Ward!

  • Anonymous

    I am not a resident of the 47th ward, and so, can not vote, but I do have an opinion after reviewing the candidtate questionnaires. Tom Jacks! Thank you for running for alderman, you have my full support, if not my vote.

  • Anonymous

    Not that any were needed, but another reason to vote for Ameya Pawar!

  • Anonymous

    ?47th Ward Residents take note of this bull! If you want real change in the City of Chicago, vote for Ameya Pawar! Schulter and O’ Donnell = Machine Politics as usual! Remember the Eminent Domain disaster on Western and Lawrence? Remember that Schulter voted for the Parking Meter lease which has cost the city billions of dollars in lost revenue. You want more police on the streets, you want more bang for your tax dollars? You could have had that if Schulter and the other 39 Daley Puppets would have voted no on that deal. Why did they do it? To cover their mistakes, fiscal irresponsibility and letting the Mayor do whatever he wanted. For the past several years, the budget deficits were hundreds of millions in the red so they opted for the quick fix by selling the meters. The City received $1.15 Billion. 32nd Ward Alderman Scott Waguespack estimated the deal was worth closer to $4 Billion at the time with no significant data from the city and urged others not to vote for it…they ignored him to serve Puppet Master Daley. That deal is now valued at close to $10 Billion! So we received roughly 1/10th of what it was truly worth. AND, the money is now going to foreign investors in the United Arab Emirates and Germany! Let’s take out the trash on February 22nd, or better yet, “throw the bums out!” as O’Donnell himself has said. The power is in your hands when you vote so use it wisely.

    Change happened in Egypt this week and next week change can happen in the 47th Ward. RISE UP and make it happen!

    • Anonymous

      Why is eminent domain a disaster? It was only a disaster because a hand full of east coast muckrackers came in and F-ed up a good chicago public works plan. The truth is that more gets done when things work like a “machine”. it never surprised me that the protest over lawrence/western was run by a bunch of boston organizers. have you been to boston? you could walk down a street in a beautiful neighborhood in boston and see 5 empty lots overgrown with weeds. that’s how things get done when you don’t have a plan and the will to do things. if this is Ameya Pawar’s swang song issue, he just lost my vote.

      • Anonymous

        @northcenterdavid, I do not speak for Ameya Pawar nor do I work for his campaign, I’m just supporting him and venting about how I see things in the 47th Ward. I have no problem with using Eminent Domain for things like lengthening CTA platforms, building a park or community center, as that benefits everyone. My issue with what Schulter tried to do on the 4800 Block of North Western was that he was using Eminent Domain to take away business and residential property from the people that built up those businesses so that he could increase the tax base. Like I said at the time, anyone in Chicago should be aware of this because if they would have succeeded in the 47th, they could do the same thing anywhere in the city. Are you saying that the parking meter lease was “good” for the city because the Machine wanted it that way? Billions down the drain to pay for the Machine’s years of mismanagement, corruption and waste. Is that what you want? And what business person in their right mind would give a company a 75 year lease on the first go around? I think with something like that it would have been prudent to give them a 2-5 year lease and see how it went before opting for something long term. It was all to cover Daley’s and aldermen like Schulter’s mistakes over the past 10-15 years. There were no checks and balances from the aldermen in the city council, no real debate….it was Daley’s way or the highway. From what I remember, the owners of The Dental Corner, Chicago Soccer and Decorium Furniture were behind the Eminent Domain issue in Lincoln Square. I don’t remember anyone from Boston being involved. Take a stroll over to the west side sometime and look at all the empty lots there, that’s where TIF’s should be doing something, not in Lincoln Square, which has a been a good neighborhood in the years I’ve lived here, all 34 of them. Eminent Domain would have taken away from the owners of those businesses that worked hard to build their dreams in Lincoln Square and to me, that would have been disastrous for them…and it wasn’t right. BTW, did you notice that empty lot next to Walgreen’s? Schulter finally landscaped it a bit and then locked it up months after he said they were putting in community garden the day all the television cameras were around with the children. What a joke.

        • Anonymous

          i knew it was east coast; i remember a boston reference in the news at the time. they are headquartered in washington DC. here’s all about them taking credit for their big victory in chicago. they are so proud:

          right side or wrong side, i don’t think any issue in chicago needs outsiders determining the outcome.

          the lease was a mistake and noone would deny that. but that was daley’s mistake and noone would deny that either. for all the things schulter does right for our ward, this issue just doesn’t affect my opinion.

          schulter gave decades of service to this ward and it is far better for it. he kept the heart of a community while facing the winds of change. it’s just too easy to criticize on these big issues without considering the amazing place we live in – and seriously considering who we should thank.

        • Anonymous

          The parking meter deal wouldn’t have passed if Schulter and other alderman on the city council voted against it. So you want Schulter to take credit for the good things but blame Daley for the mistakes, that’s screwed up.

          Schulter did a some good things but don’t forget he has been making over $110,000 a year plus pension for a part-time job. And getting perks from developers and others.
          This ward increased in value because it was where people who could not afford Lakeview and Roscoe Village moved to. It is also surrounded by great resources tons of el stops, artery to the expressways and public parks. You would have be a totally incompetent alderman for it to not improve in the boom years.

          @Northcenterdavid – instead of wasting time defending Schulter, tell us why should we vote for O’Donnell? Isn’t he the one running for alderman?

        • Anonymous

          @northcenterdavid, what, in your opinion, are all these great things Schulter did? And as far as a Boston group taking credit for what happened on Western Avenue, they can take whatever credit they want but I know that the owners of the businesses and local residents had a lot to do with it as well. Schulter gave decades of service to lining his pockets and his campaign funds while being a puppet for Mayor Daley. If the city council wasn’t full of Daley pleasers like Schulter, they wouldn’t have passed the parking meter lease but what Daley wants, Daley gets…or else! Here’s a nice little video of the kind of wrath Schulter avoided by going along with Daley. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ashM23pslk Enjoy.

        • Anonymous

          Yes, now that daley exits, it’s easy pickens to criticize all that associated to him. Single viewpoint politics is dead in chicago. But I won’t dance on Schulter’s legacy. If you don’t know the difference between these neighborhoods and bucktown or logan square or even just Paulina/Roscoe area, just drive down the streets of those neighborhoods and see the 5 story new construction condos that litter their sidestreets. When it mattered, schulter enforced limits for no new condo construction inside our neighborhoods. People wax and wain about schulter and “the developers”. But if he was “in their pocket”, then why did he keep them out of our neighborhoods in ways that no other alderman who had it so easy and “just bordered other good neighborhoods” did??

          On his payroll??? Oh jeez – no. I respect him. I respect what he did. He did make decisions that mattered. He did affect the way these neighborhoods developed. He did it in a way that will forever affect our lives and everyone who lives here. If you can’t see the difference between the 47th and the other wards through your own eyes, there’s nothing more to type.

        • Anonymous

          I will agree with you regarding what happened in the 32nd Ward under Matlak prior to Scott Waguespack winning the 2007 race. A great example is the corner of Paulina and School…or the so called “French Embassy” on the 1800 block of North Wood Street. We don’t have that, so if he’s responsible for that in the 47th, great…thank you for that Gene. One of my neighbors thinks if he could knock down half of the 4800 blocks of North Claremont and Oakley so that Ravenswood Bank could expand, that he’d do it. I think they already own the empty lot off the alley on the east side of Claremont. My guess is that vacant lot next to Walgreens is being set aside for an eventual bank move to where Walgreens is now. I’m sure they opened the store at Lincoln and Foster as a precaution and probably know something I don’t at the moment. Besides that, what else have you got? He wasted a lot of money with brick pavers on Lincoln Avenue and seemed to fall in love with Daley’s planters in the middle of the streets. To me, this is a huge waste of money. When I was a kid, ambulances, fire trucks and police vehicles could easily manuever in rush hour traffic by driving down the middle of the street in the left turn lanes. They can’t do this anymore due to the planters. And how much is wasted maintaining these each year? Not to mention the inability for some motorists to see around them which increases the potential for accidents. I just don’t think he was a guy that was his own man, a leader. He was a follower of whatever Daley wanted and perhaps you disagree…and that’s your right. By the way, I’ve been criticizing Daley and Schulter for a long time. I thought Daley was a huge coward for ripping up Meigs Field a week after the election in 2003. Then he tells us it was to thwart terrorist threats by small aircraft? BS! He never got the casino he wanted in Chicago but at the time, some well connected people thought it would end up there. Then they thought it would end up on Navy Pier in place of the Children’s Museum. I guess we’ll have to wait to see if Chicago ever gets a casino. The new plan that I heard in the 47th was that they want to make Lawrence one lane each way between Ashland and Western? As if they are going to transform that into the 4700 block of North Lincoln Avenue. Come on! Traffic is always backed up either way off Lake Shore Drive and you only get some relief between that stretch, which happens to be between two of the busiest streets in the city. Think of what is on that stretch already. You’ve got a gas station at Ashland, then the Currency Exchange, Byron’s, Dunkin Donuts, that clown car of a condo development west of Byrons’ parking lot and Golden Nugget as well as that huge building at Ravenswood. Not exactly Main Street America will that make with one lane. Moving west you’ve got Chase Bank, Sears, a Senior Center, CVS, Wendy’s, that Social Security building, or whatever it is on the old Pleasing Supermarket sight, a huge apartment building under Wirtz management with a nice vacant lot. Then the auto repair shop and bank building, D.O.C., the bank itself, a strip mall before hitting Lincoln and Western. Again, not the type of stuff I envision when I think of the stores and shops on Lincoln in the square. I don’t see how that’s going to work, and if there is a master plan for all to see, tell me where and when I can check it out. It sounds like a goofy idea to me but I’m willing to look at, if it’s available. Remember when everyone wanted to know what Schulter had planned for the 4800 block on Western? I do…I also remember Schulter saying that nothing concrete was planned yet. I then heard from a real estate guy in the area that it was to become a mix of residential condos and commercial space. So I also don’t appreciate being misled and/or allegedly lied to as a resident. I’m glad you like him, I am extremely happy to see him leaving, especially in such a bungled way…which represents his time as alderman as far as I’m concerned.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PRD3U73G2B42BQVK6GQHU5ZA6E Trooper

      I’ve read alot of your comments tonight and find most of what you said to be irresponsible. Especially about rising up like Egypt? Did you know a Female reporter was repeatedly raped and nearly beaten to death? Is this what Ameya Pawar is asking from us all? Wow?

      • Anonymous

        Dear Mr. Trooper, find offense and take my words out of context all you want…what happened to Lara Logan is reprehensible and you are being extremely “irresponsible” to say that I was implying that what happened to her was what I was referring to or what I’d like to see happen in Chicago via my statements. The people of Egypt rising up against a leader that basically oppressed them for years is what I was implying that the 47th Ward residents do in this election, rise up and oust the Machine! A good example is the sham of “public” meetings regarding the Western Avenue overpass that Schulter wants to get rid of, those meetings were purely for show. To me, that’s a sort of oppression, that what the people say doesn’t matter when you’re Gene Schulter.

        I’ll spell it out for you. O’Donnell being shoved down our throats at the last minute because Schulter didn’t get appointed to his Tax Appeals Board position is BS! This was Schulter’s back-up plan, plain and simple. It’s time for real change and real leadership, not a rubber stamp Alderman that does what he’s told by the Mayor. My choice is Ameya Pawar. And I would vote for Matt Reichel or Tom Jacks before I’d ever vote for Mr. No Show at the forum last night and his merry minions at “For a Better Chicago” as well as Claypool, Hynes, Emanuel, Schulter, etc.. So you go right ahead and distort all you like while your friends continue to get rich off the taxpayers in this city.

        If you’d like to learn more, read this article: http://www.chicagoreader.com/chicago/chicago-politics-election-aldermania-wards/Content?oid=3263589

        My guess is you’re just helping the Machine to stay entrenched in the 47th, and personally, I can’t stand the likes of you as you’re working against the masses to enrich the few.

  • Anonymous

    Not that I needed another reason to support the one genuine, proven progressive in the race: Matt Reichel.
    I admit I don’t know much about the other two, but that’s all the more reason to get progressives rallied around Matt. If I don’t know these other guys by now, then they must not have much of a ground game.

    • Anonymous

      As someone that supported Matt Reichel in November, do yourself a favor and learn about the other candidates. I believe the three of them could and should work together once the election is decided to really make a mark in the 47th Ward.

      • Anonymous

        No one had ever heard about Pawar or Jacks before this election, and, having been around for a long time, I bet you they will disappear once this election is over.
        It is so rare to find good populist candidates in this country, because a) the influence of money in politics and b) the general political/social ignorance of the masses. I was a lifelong Dem until Clinton’s welfare reform/NAFTA debacles. The Dems stopped being the party of working people at that point (with some notable exceptions).
        Since that time, I have generally voted third party/independent. If Pawar somehow advances to the second round against O’Donnell, then learns to put a union bug on his material, rescinds any association with the Democratic Party, and vows to tax the billionaire vultures that impoverish this city, maybe I will consider him.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for this article. I am really shocked by this news (and, like the previous reader, by the endorsements) and don’t want to imagine what O’Donnell’s leadership will be like if he gains the office. I urge readers to check out the Tribune and Sun-Times endorsements of Ameya Pawar, and vote for his solid, responsive, and transparent platform. More information is at renewchicago.com.

    Please talk to your neighbors, folks! We deserve better in the 47th ward.

  • http://www.facebook.com/LeahRoseWilson Leah Rose

    This election will not be bought! This is great opportunity to elect a dynamic alderman who was the guts and know how to stand up to the slime balls who run the show. This will not take any ordinary character. There is no doubt to me who is the best candidate. If you attended the previous debate or are planning on attending the one on Tuesday it should be clear to you. I am not here to brag about my favorite candidate, to me it’s so obvious!

  • Anonymous

    Why does standing in front of a room of 400 people in a debate forum have to be the determining factor for alderman. So, he’s not going to be barack obama any time soon. Did you ever see schulter in front of a room? Oh yeah, he was a real heart wamer. But by the way, every single person who can vote for this ward owes a handshake to Gene Schulter. This ward is NO DOUBT better for his work. i think these comments are short sited and off base. I think there are a dozen other very important characteristics i will judge an alderman on before asking myself how they performed at such an event.

    And by the way, what random reference is “or the 47th ward organization”. What organization? Can you provide some rational comparison between the other candidates and their funding. For all I know, all candidates donations of this size would come from some “ward organization” or “outside of the ward”.

    • Anonymous

      You must be on Schulter’s payroll or one of his neighbors. You’re really reaching with your comments about public speaking, etc. I don’t owe Schulter anything but I’m sure he likes they way you’re “honoring” him here.

  • Anonymous

    I think that everyone that is quick to jump all over Ald. Schulter better take step back and really think about the great things that have evolved in this neighborhood over the last 30+ years, he is a huge reason why the ward is as great as it is today. If you dont like the candidate he is endorsing fine, but let’s not jump all over someone who has done so much good for this neighborhood – isn’t this why we are all chiming in with our opinions? We are all passionate about this place and want to see it to continue to prosper.

    • Anonymous

      @ooobillyy, I’ve lived in Lincoln Square since 1977 and it’s always been a great neighborhood. I think things really started changing when the young professionals started moving in and the property tax revenue increased along with property values. The main reason they moved here? The close proximity to public transportation, not Schulter. I’m not going to say he didn’t do anything, but for a few years there, I though the most significant thing he accomplished, at least from his campaign literature, was erecting the gazebo in Welles Park. Some of Tom O’Donnell’s campaign literature touts how he raised money for the new playlot in the park. Great, but he wouldn’t have had to do that if all the new TIF’s being created hadn’t siphoned off money that would otherwise go to the schools, park district and city/county entities. Daley had the big TIF piggy bank that he used to bribe aldermen for their votes on things he wanted done. That piggy bank is roughly 1/6th of the entire budget each year. You don’t think that money could have paved some streets or paid for a new playlot? North Western Avenue was doing fine and didn’t need a TIF. The funny thing is that Schulter got burned by Daley at one point when he didn’t get the TIF money he wanted. So it was all to please Daley and not make him mad so that Schulter could get a piece of that pie for the 47th. You have to realize services like garbage collection, street cleaning, etc., are all subsidized by our high taxes in the 47th, and other prosperous ward, to pay for them in places like Englewood and the west side of the city because they don’t have the property tax revenue that we do in Lincoln Square/NorthCenter. When those areas start to improve, the entire city benefits. So the idea that someone is fighting for “our” ward is nonsense because they are already taking from us to benefit lesser off neighborhoods. In my opinion, Schulter was a puppet of Daley’s so I have no respect for him, regardless of what anyone thinks he’s done for the 47th. If you can’t stand up for your own beliefs, if you even have any, out of fear, I don’t want you representing me. I believe he saw the writing on the wall or the empty bag of budgetary tricks. And then he, like Daley before him, dropped out of the race like the cowards they are rather than face a real fight for once. But not before he tried to anoint a successor in one of the most convoluted and bumbling schemes that I’ve seen from the Machine in years. Ameya Pawar is my choice but I’d vote for Matt Reichel or Tom Jacks before O’Donnell and his load of written bull! I was really hoping to see him in action on Tuesday night but I guess he’s a coward too. Either that or he was afraid he’d get caught with words written on his hand, like Palin.

    • Anonymous

      That’s true Schulter did some good things. Yes he gave a lot of nice lunches to seniors and fixed our streets and curbs over and over again. But he is not running for office this time. The reason Schulter consistently won is that he has been around a long time, had name recognition (good and bad), scared people who opposed him and had a large war chest due to favors he gave to developers and beer distributors. That is why we now have empty condos around 47th ward not giving us much needed property tax revenue, TIF money that was wasted.

      But once again Schulter is not running! Mr O’Donnell would rather send out endless mailings touting his devotion to education at schools that he has never visited or supported and for being on committees that he only graced biennially. In his mailings on education there is not one substantive comment or idea. What the hell does ‘Great Teachers deserve great tools’ mean, what are the tools? What makes a great teacher? What makes a great school? How would he get the tools? How would he pay for them?

      These are the questions that residents could ask if he showed up at a forum and allowed us to judge him by something more than meaningless shallow campaign mailings. Do we really need an alderman who is running scared at answering substantive questions, don’t we deserve better?

      I have an idea, why doesn’t Alderman Schulter come by on Tuesday and do the forum? After all he’s doing everything else for Mr. O’Donnell. But once again Schulter is not running!

  • Anonymous

    Sorry Forrest no more support from this voter.

  • Anonymous

    Tom O’Donnell is no Gene Schulter. Mr. Schulter made a big mistake in backing him. From what I’ve seen O’Donnell is not a very progressive thinker nor a hard worker. Chicago/Cook county is the most taxed municipality in the entire country and I cannot image this guy is going to take us where we need to go. Nor do I see him even coming close to filling Gene’s shoes. If you want some creative thinking and government transparency — vote Pawar.

    Forrest Claypool is backing O”Donnell to return the favor to Schulter for backing him against Berrios. Another mistake. I thought Claypool was an “independent ” who’s looking out for the best interests of the ward/city/county. Now he’s turned into just another hack. Sorry Forrest no more support from this voter.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t forget Schulter’s daughter also pulls +$70,000 a year out of the aldermans office (see below). Do you think if O’Donnell gets elected that he’ll clean house with a new staff after Schulter endorsed and capaigned for him? Hah! Gene will keep taking our money even after he retires.

    “Monica A. Schulter, the daughter of Alderman Eugene Schulter was paid $31,216 out of the vice mayor’s budget in bi-monthly payments between July 1, 2008 and December 1, 2008. According to city records, Monica Schulter is paid $40,368 per year out of the aldermanic staff account as a “staff assistant to the alderman” (Better Government Association payroll database). In addition, Monica Schulter was paid $31,614 out of Schulter’s aldermanic expense account in 2008, according to city records obtained by the Chicago Tribune. Considering funds from all known sources, Monica Schulter earned $103,199 in 2008, nearly as much as her duly elected alderman father ($104,100 in 2008). Schulter did not return calls for comment.”

    — Lake Effect News published March 26, 2010

  • Anonymous

    Machine must be getting scared because in addition to T.O. skipping out on the CSJ Forum, they have been observed taking down yard signs and banners that had been put up for Pawar.

    • Anonymous

      Schulter/O’Donnell people are goons. I cannot wait for someone new to come in and fire Dan Luna and retire Bill Helm.

      I cannot believe that Forrest Claypool endorsed O’Donnell. Claypool is a hack. I am also hearing from my State connetions that O’Donnell will be backed by Hynes. So sad. We have a bunch of ‘has beens’ endorsing a never was.

      Gotta love Chicago politics.

  • Anonymous

    I will be extremely disappointed if people vote for O’Donnell after this stunt. I don’t much care who you vote for among the other three, but ABB-O’Donnell should be the Ward mantra.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=622197796 James Dombrowski

    For all you Rahm fans out there Rahm Emanuel will be at the DANK Haus 4740 N. Western up in the 47th ward on Wednesday February 16 at 7:00pm for a meet and greet

    • Anonymous

      I bet O’Donnell shows up with Rahm at this event, just like he showed up with him on his latest piece of BS that came via the mail today! BTW, I got a call from one of his volunteers last night during the time frame in which I should have been hearing from the candidate himself, live and in person. I hope you hear the echos of laughter next Tuesday, Tom O’Coward! I heard you were at a train station somewhere shaking hands vs. attending the forum. Wake Up 47th Ward residents and cast out this clown!

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PRD3U73G2B42BQVK6GQHU5ZA6E Trooper

    I have to say that at first, I was disappointed that Tom O’Donnell would not be available, however, I would ask everyone who would want to meet with him to call his campaign staff to arrange a meeting. I think we all should cut him some slack. He had another responsibility to attend that was geared towards the Ravenswood Community.

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