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Ravenswood Group: We Represent Businesses Too

By Mike Fourcher | Friday, September 30, 2011

The Ravenswood Community Council would like to clarify a recent article entitled “Party Tonight for Ravenswood Corridor businesses”. The article mentions that Northcenter Chamber is hoping to fill the void left by the former Ravenswood Chamber, which ceased operations last year. The Ravenswood Community Council has been contracted for the past two years, through the City’s Dept of Housing and Economic Development, to work specifically with the businesses on the Ravenswood Industrial Corridor from Lawrence to Addison through the Local Industrial Retention Initiative.  The Council launched a Business League in 2010 to support these Ravenswood businesses, and Greater Ravenswood SSA #31, which includes Ravenswood from Lawrence to Addison, provides landscaping, snow and trash removal along Ravenswood Ave. sidewalks is also managed by the Ravenswood Community Council. Moreover, the former Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce’s service area never included the Ravenswood corridor or any industrial area and therefore left no void to fill. Since the Ravenswood Community Council has been working with these Ravenswood businesses since 2009, we would appreciate being asked to comment on future Ravenswood articles.  In the spirit of cooperation the RCC would like to reach out to any community organization that would like to highlight community businesses and residents.

Chris Shickles is the Executive Director of the Ravenswood Community Council.

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