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CICS-Irving Park Is A Success

By Mike Fourcher | Friday, June 18, 2010

We continue this week with a semi-regular series of local opinion pieces from local leaders.

The results are in. Chicago International Charter School – Irving Park (CICS-Irving Park) has joined hands with its parents and partners to establish a successful community school. CICS-Irving Park effectively uses the Northwest Evaluation and Assessment (NWEA) system three times a year to check for student progress. Students at all levels of performance at CICS-Irving Park Campus are taught to their needs and expected to show growth.

This school year, CICS-Irving Park has met all of its goals. CICS-Irving Park recently received awards for: Closing the Achievement Gap in Math & Reading, Meeting Reading & Math targets, and having over 70% of students meeting their individualized NWEA targets. Year by year the student progress will be reflected in ISAT scores as well.

The success of CICS-Irving Park is in part due to strong partnerships. CICS-Irving Park parents volunteer to enrich the school culture, climate, and academics on a daily basis. Families assist in many ways. Some of the parent involvement activities include weekly teacher copying and laminating, facilitating centers in the classrooms, organizing bulletin boards, sponsoring Parent and Teacher nights out, fundraising for school materials and activities, Zumba and volleyball classes after school, and weekly teacher appreciation. Above all, the families provide a strong base of sound judgment and hard work that allows the CICS-Irving Park school culture to be focused on getting ready for college.

The surrounding community has also lent a hand in bringing the CICS-Irving Park mission to life for the students. State Representative Deb Mell remains an active voice for quality schools and assisted in constructing the new playground. Bonnie?s Flowers assisted in Parent Appreciation by donating flowers to the most involved parents. Smoque and Chicken Works, Co. has provided quality fare for teacher appreciation. Also, special thanks are awarded to the neighbors who rooted for the CICS-Irving Park students from their front porches during the walk-a-thon. Words of encouragement and a friendly smile go a long way when accomplishing a goal of a 3 mile walk.

Any community members interested in partnering with Chicago International Charter School- Irving Park campus please call 773-433-5000.

Amy Torres is the director of?CICS’ Irving Park Campus. The views printed here are those of the author alone. They do not represent the position of Center Square Journal, Inc., its employees or shareholders. Those interested in submitting opinion pieces of their own may do so here.

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