Leland Canvas: Taxonomy of Local Homes

By Phil Thompson | Thursday, May 2, 2013

Click image to enlarge.

Local homes_Ravenswood area_PThompson_Apr-29 2013_final

Phil Thompson is a part-time illustrator in Lincoln Square and creates maps and related work for himself and others. Learn more and check out his newly released illustrated map of Chicago’s lakefront at capehorn-illustration.com.

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  • Cravenswood

    I love these drawings but you guys really need to allow a zoom feature- I can’t read it! Thanks

    • vouchey

      Did you click on the image? That should zoom in.

      • Ron Shook

        Ha, clicking on it makes it smaller to fit entirely on the page. I can read it as is, but it’s not easy.

  • http://chicagotalks.org/ biverson

    Very nice feature.

  • Marlon

    Good stuff. I love your work.

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