Tonight: Chicago-Centric Comedy Comes To Beat Kitchen

By Mike Fourcher | Thursday, June 16, 2011

If you were following this year’s municipal elections even peripherally, or if you’re a WBEZ listener, you probably ran across the Schadenfreude comedy team at least once. Throughout the election, the four man, one woman team dished out bent takes on Chicago’s political process through the persona of 53rd Ward Alderman Ed Bus (there’s only 50 wards in real life) who represents an undefined ward that centers on the intersection of Damen, Elston and Fullerton.

Following the election, the Schadenfreude team brought Ald. Bus and real life former Ald. Burt Natarus (43rd) on WBEZ-FM for a one-hour, deranged call in show. The best part? It was intentionally programmed to be opposite a similar, real call in show on WLS-AM hosted by recently ousted Ald. Bernie Stone (50th).

If you haven’t seen that, maybe you’ve seen Kate James as the very-real-seeming drunken sorority girl on You Tube?

Tonight, as part of the Just For Laughs comedy festival, Schadenfreude will bring their deranged Chicago comedy to the Beat Kitchen at 9:00 p.m. tonight, 2100 W. Belmont St. with lots of Chicago-based jokes. The team, made of up husband and wife Kate James and Sandy Marshall, as well as Justin Kaufmann (who you might also hear on WBEZ), Adam Witt and Stephen Schmidt have been working together for a long time, according to Kaufmann.

“It’s great to work with the same people. I’m never surprised by their smell and I am super comfortable taking my pants off in front of them,” he says.

They’re also planning to stay with local topics. No Anthony Wiener jokes.

“Weiner jokes? You mean dick jokes or jokes about that congressman?” said Kaufmann. You know, we didn’t talk about it at all. We did 30 jokes about flash mobs and none about Weiner. Talk about hyperlocal.”

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