The Machete’s Got A Kick Butt Show Tomorrow

By Mike Fourcher | Friday, September 23, 2011

It’s hard to turn down a request from a guy that started his very own variety show – and has done it in a bar no less. So, we pass on word from Paper Machete ringmaster, Christopher Piatt, that he’s got a pretty kick butt show coming together tomorrow afternoon at 3:00 p.m at The Horseshoe, 4115 N. Lincoln Ave. And it’s always free.

Musical interludes are from Chicago rockster Bobby Conn (who’s music we find a little strange, but probably worth seeing in person) . Here’s the line up:

Rob Anderson (Impress These Apes)
Chip Bagnall (Author, Half-Baked History)
Jet Eveleth (Writer/Performer)
Brett Neveu (Playwright, A Red Orchid Theatre)
Katie Rich (The Second City, Birth Control Ninja)
Matt Ulrich (Expert Expat: Texan on Rick Perry)
Ali Weiss (The Paper Machete)

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    Paper Machete’s a great Saturday afternoon activity. 

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