“Prudent Advice” Author to Visit Sulzer Library

By Tatum Bartlett | Friday, October 22, 2010

I am a self-diagnosed DailyCandy junkie and equally entranced by Lincoln Square’s The Book Cellar. As serendipity should have it, my two favorite obsessions are both lauding this week’s featured event author, Jaime Morrison Curtis.

Curtis will be sharing her new book: Prudent Advice: Lessons for My Baby Daughter (A Life List for Every Woman) at the Sulzer Library, 4455 N Lincoln Ave., this Saturday at noon. She is the founding editor at Prudent Baby, Los Angeles editor for Daily Candy Kids, and, most importantly, mother to two-year-old Scarlet Jane.

Her latest release began as a blog and a way to share advice, lessons and guidance with her daughter.  The series of heartfelt, witty and perceptive annotations in quick-read form, allow for a swift lift of spirit in those ever-so-common mommy moments of “so little time, so much to do.”  Since unaffectedness is the theme of Curtis’s book, I can share without shame that after baby number two it took me six months to finish one novel!  With Prudent Advice: Lessons for My Baby Daughter (A Life List for Every Woman), you can pick it up at anytime, put it down at anytime and always feel good for having done so!

A few of Curtis’s laws of living:

#420 Don’t fight when you’re “hangry.” Hungry + angry = regret

#248 Discipline in your mind; extravagance in your heart.

#237 Consider what constitutes a good life.
Your assumptions about this will change as you age. That’s normal. A picket fence lifestyle that once seemed torturously confining might one day seem comfortably secure; a personality that once struck you as overly emotional may grow sympathetic. What you think you want to have or be at any given moment isn’t really important; what matters is that you are present in your own life, considering it and shaping it with the force of your will.

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