Northcenter Block Party to Raise Money for Filbert Park

By Tatum Bartlett | Thursday, August 12, 2010

This Saturday, August 14, the third annual Larchmont/ Byron/ Wolcott/ Ravenswood/ Berenice (LBWRB) Block Party will kick off, 2 – 10 p.m., at Larchmont Avenue, between Ravenswood and Wolcott with all kinds of great activities for kids like moon jumps, face painting, balloons and music.

But unlike previous years, this year’s LBWRB (as the locals call it) has paired up with Friends of Filbert Playlot Park to benefit one of the neighborhood’s most beloved, but ailing parks.

This year’s LBWRB will also be led by the combined forces of local father Jeff Piejak and his “Gladiator” crew of fellow dads, as well as members of Piejak’s bowling team.

“When talks about this year’s annual block party came up, I volunteered to take the reigns,” says Piejak. “I thought ‘Hey, this could be kind of fun. Let’s have a big party!’” Piejak says laughing.

Filbert Playlot abuts the alley, attracting rats. Photo courtesy Friends of Filbert Playlot Park.

All proceeds of this year’s LBWRB block party will go towards playground renovation efforts at Filbert Playlot. “The way I looked at it,” says Piejak, “is if we already have this annual block party, why not make the most of it—get as many people out there as possible to support the bettering of our community.”

The City of Chicago will be contributing a moon jump to LBWRB, while the Chicago Park District is sending balloon animal artists and face painters. The Brownstone Tavern & Grill will donate food for the droves of children expected to attend. The donations allow the LBWRB Block Party to keep a low overhead and to maximize contributions to Filbert Playlot Park.

Entrance to the LBWRB Block Party is $15 (adults/children) and includes food, drinks, and kids’ activities. Entrance is more or less on the honor system.

“I was told to purchase wrist-bands and what not,” says Piejak. “But wouldn’t that just defeat the idea behind what a community block party is all about?” questions Piejak.

Friends of Filbert Playlot Park will also sell tickets at the block party for raffle prizes, while additional representatives will be available to accept donations and provide updates on playground renovation efforts and progress. Filbert Playlot is part of the Block Party area so anyone attending can get a first-hand look at how much work the park needs.

So head on over to the wrist-band free LBWRB Block Party this Saturday and see first hand what community means to these Northcenter residents!

The LBWRB Block Party is still looking for donations (food, drinks, entertainment, equipment, etc.), Business interested in a tax deductible donations can contact the LBWRB Block Party Organizers.

Additionally, for those that cannot make this weekend’s Block Party, there are plenty of additional ways to support The Friends of Filbert Playlot, such as adding your name to their list of supporters, assisting with future fundraising efforts, making an online (tax-deductible) contribution to their efforts, or attending the crucial Chicago Park District September 9th Budget Hearing.

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