Holy Funny Pages, Batman! Free Comic Book Day Strikes Again

By Hunter Clauss | Friday, April 30, 2010

A man dressed up as Batman patrols Chicago's C2E2 comic book convention. Photo by Hunter Clauss.

Comic books have long been viewed as a gateway drug to nerdom, and the stereotype of a bunch of basement-dwelling dudes debating things like, ?Who was a better Batman: Adam West or George Clooney?,? might be a little oft-putting to newbies. And that?s something the industry appears to want to change with Free Comic Book Day, which takes place tomorrow, May 1. Lincoln Square-based Dark Tower Comics, 4835 N. Western Ave., and the Comic Vault, 1530 W. Montrose Ave., will both be participating in this annual event that includes more than 30 free titles being handed out at comic book stores across the nation. To help decipher what?s actually worth picking up, The Center Square Journal has skimmed the list and come up with these suggestions. Parents can check out the PDF previews on the event?s website to gauge the age appropriateness of each title.

Iron Man/Thor: Iron Man 2 comes out next week, and to get the fanboys and girls pumped, Marvel will release two Iron Man comic books for Free Comic Book Day. This team-up between billionaire Tony Stark and the Norse god Thor is hands down the better of the two. Industry pro John Romita Jr.? provides stunning artwork for the book, giving it a top-notch feel.

War of the Supermen #0: Superman technically isn?t the soul survivor of Krypton. Before Superman?s homeworld blew up, the evil Brainiac captured the city of Kandor, shrank it and its inhabitants, and kept it in a bottle in his spaceship. Well, Superman freed the people of Kandor and restored them to their natural height, and they didn?t exactly get along with the people of Earth.

Fractured Fables: If you?ve got a kid that can?t wait to see the latest installment of Shrek, then this might be a safe bet. Fractured Fables retells a bunch of fairytales and nursery rhymes with a humorous bent.

Green Hornet #1: Mallrats and Chasing Amy director Kevin Smith had supposedly written a screenplay for a Green Hornet movie, a project that is currently being directed by Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind). So Smith instead adapted his unused screenplay as a comic book, and the first issue will be handed out for Free Comic Book Day. This edition also includes an amazing cover illustrated by local homeboy Alex Ross.

Irredeemable #1: This book takes a look at what would happen if the world?s most powerful superhero?coff, Superman, coff?became a supervillain instead. It’s an interesting and twisted view of a familiar story.

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