Five Questions with Sarah Spraker

By Mike Fourcher | Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sarah Spraker in the playlot at Concordia Place. Photo by Mike Fourcher.

Editor’s Note: We want to get to know our neighbors, so we picked five questions to ask each of them. Feel free to ask them your own questions in the comments.

Sara Spraker lives in Uptown, but for six years she has been Program Director at Concordia Place Children Center, 3855 N. Seeley, which has been offering child care since 1981. As program director of Concordia Place’s Northcenter location (they have a second location in Avondale), she manages a busy day care, after school program and summer camp for kids ages two through twelve. Spraker is also a member of the Northcenter Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.

1. What’s your favorite spot in the neighborhood?

How much recording time do you have? [laughs] If I had to pick, I would have to say every restaurant. I’ve never been to a bad restaurant here. It’s hard to choose one.

I also like [Northcenter] Town Square. I like that there’s an open meeting place. It seems like kind of an old-timey idea to have this space in an urban area where people can gather and have fun together.

2. What’s the goofiest thing you’ve seen in the neighborhood?

I don’t know if it’s goofy, but strange for sure: My favorite CB2 being replaced by a Halloween costume shop!

3. What would you change about the neighborhood?

I like our small businesses, but I’m not a big fan of some of the larger chain places. If we get another bank or cell phone place at Damen and Irving I don’t know what I’ll do. But I guess I would [also] say we need more kid-friendly places along Lincoln. To draw more families to the area.

4. What’s different about the area since you first got here?

I think that the area is more inviting for people settle down and stay for years and years with their family, because it has more to offer from restaurants to shops to other small businesses. I think that it promotes people to settle down and stick around.

5. Octoberfest or Ribfest?

Ribfest. Because it has something for everyone. From the excellent food to the music. I think it embodies the neighborhood and everything that it offers for the whole city.

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