Five Questions with Sam Wolfson

By Mike Fourcher | Wednesday, October 20, 2010

String-a-Strand owner Sam Wolfson with his latest missive. Photo by Mike Fourcher

Editor’s Note: We want to get to know our neighbors, so we picked five questions to ask each of them. Feel free to ask them your own questions in the comments.

You may not know the name, but if you’ve ever walked down Lincoln Avenue near the Davis Theater, you know of Sam Wolfson. He’s the owner of String-A-Strand, the bead store whose windows are often adorned with handwritten thesis against Mayor Daley, parking meters or other topics in the popular zeitgeist.

He doesn’t live in the neighborhood, but he has had his store in Lincoln Square for seven years. As you might have guessed, it was hard getting a straight answer from Sam.

1. What’s your favorite spot in the neighborhood?

Ooh, there’s this 18 year old girl…My favorite spot in the neighborhood? I really don’t have one…The restaurant. The Italian restaurant, Bocca della Verita.

2. What’s the goofiest thing you’ve seen in the neighborhood?

[laughs] That one girl that walks up and down Lincoln and talks to me. She’s something. She talks to herself. But she’s harmless.

3. What would you change about the neighborhood?

Nothing. It’s…The alderman? There’s nothing I would really change. Ah! Yes I would. The damn parking meters. I’d like to rip every one of them out. I’ve ripped twenty of them out, they haven’t caught me yet. I’d like to rip another twenty. So tonight we go ripping?

4. What’s different about the neighborhood since you got here?

I guess…a nicer class of people? [pause] It was really a nicer class of people seven years ago. But they spent more money seven years ago than now.

5. Ribfest or Octoberfest?

Ribfest. I’m a carnivore.

The full text of Sam's latest missive. Photo by Mike Fourcher.

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  • http://twitter.com/thepapermachete The Paper Machete

    Love it . . . except items 8&9 on his list. Will voting all Dems out of office really save us on parking?! We’re listening, Sam.

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