Five Questions with Kristen Ramirez, Baby Take a Bow

By Beth Prystowsky | Monday, November 21, 2011

Kristen Ramirez in her studio. Credit: Lauren Dolan

Roscoe Village resident and business owner, Kristen Ramirez, is celebrating the first year year her Roscoe Village children’s dance studio, Baby Take A Bow, 2223 W. Roscoe Ave. The studio has seen a successful first year offering ballet and hip-hop for the little ones plus Parent Night Outs and other fun events for the entire community. We had the opportunity to talk with Kristen last week and ask her Five Questions.

1. Why did you choose to open Baby Take a Bow in Roscoe Village? 

I choose to open the studio in my neighborhood because we have lived here for about five years and I know the neighborhood very well. In looking for a ballet studio for my own 4 year old daughter I couldn’t find what I was looking for. This niche felt needed in our neighborhood.

2. Tell us about Baby Take a Bow. How long has it been opened and what types of classes and services do you offer?

We are going on celebrating our one year anniversary this January. We opened our doors for Roscoe Village’s Winter Fest last year. The studio offers ballet and hip and hop classes and is really looking forward to the first recital session offered this January. In addition to kids’ classes we love special events for both children and their moms. I know mothers need a cup of coffee or some pampering, and I’m offering that as well. The Evening of Luxury, which was very popular last year, is coming up again December 3rd. In addition, our retail section is expanding in this year ahead.

3. What are you favorite places in the neighborhood to enjoy  food or a drink?

Turquoise Cafe (2147 W. Roscoe Ave.) is my abs0lute favorite restaurant on Roscoe. The filet is the best in the city; you’ve got to try it. For lunch, we love Hot Woks Cool Sushi (2032 W. Roscoe Ave.), they have great lunch specials and are very family friendly. I just went to Volo Wine Bar (2008 W. Roscoe Ave.) the other night for a drink and it is always fun there, but I also love popping over to  Village Tap (2055 W. Roscoe Ave.) for a drink.

4. What led you to opening the studio? Do you have a background in dance?

I have danced since I was 3 years-old. I remember taking a class seven days a week for years. Dance has always been a big part of my life. Then in college I began cheerleading competitively and next began teaching it. When we looked for a place to take my daughter, Isa, it seemed no place fit what our family was looking for. I was waiting since the day she was born to sign her up for dance and everything fell a little bit short. I wanted to create a dance studio thinking about both moms and kids. It is also seemed that the teachers are strict at other places and I wanted a studio with teachers that are playful and fun.

5. How do you balance being a mother and a business owner?  What would you recommend to others in a similar position?

It is a tough balance, but it is rewarding. I feel like an even bigger mom now that every child that comes to the studio I think of as my own. I do recommend setting time for yourself, even though it is hard to get away.  Remember to do something you enjoy at least once a week.

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