Five Questions With Jonny Klipp

By Mike Fourcher | Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Jonny Klipp and the candles he makes. Credit: Mike Fourcher.

Originally from Peoria, with a stop in Indianapolis, Klipp started working at Waxman Candles, 3044 N. Lincoln Ave., five years ago as a stockboy, then moved up to head candlemaker and then store manager. He makes everything in the store from gothic tapereds to the intricately layered and carved “silhouettes”, so called because what you see when the candle glows from within.

1. What’s your favorite spot in the neighborhood?

I can’t say Waxman? I do like the Side Street Saloon on Greenview. I like that place a lot. A lot of nice people there and some pretty good food.  I also really like Delilah’s on Lincoln once in a while.

Oh, another thing is S&G’s. That place is really great. John, the guy that runs it, is great. He’s almost part of the experience. He’s a really friendly guy.

2. What’s the goofiest thing you’ve seen in the neighborhood?

There’s nothing really goofy. Things are pretty normal. It’s a pretty low key neighborhood. Not much goofy.

Probably as soon as you leave I’ll think of something!

3. If there’s something you would change about the neighborhood, what would it be?

I think it would be nice to get more shops in the neighborhood and places to eat around here. Just on this little area around here. You don’t have a whole lot of choices for food. I kinda have to go a ways. That would be kinda nice.

4. What’s different about the area since you first started working here?

A lot of it is pretty similar I think. A few shops changing, here and there. I think things are looking nice as far as getting people aware of what there is in Lakeview. I don’t know if you saw, by Starbucks (on Lincoln and Greenview) there are these Lakeview maps with all the different places in the neighborhood. I think that’s really great.

Of course, the parking meters are new.

Has that made a difference?

I think less people seem to park on the street than they used to—on Lincoln—they go and find a side street more often now. Not too much of a difference, I guess.

5. Retro On Roscoe or Summer on Southport?

I’ve never been to Summer on Southport, so I guess I have to say Retro on Roscoe. I’ve been to that one so, it’s a default.

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