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Launched in January 2010 and closed in June 2013, Center Square Journal and its sister publication, Roscoe View Journal, were independently-owned and operated news publications that covered the ins and outs of Chicago’s Lincoln Square, Northcenter, Ravenswood, Roscoe Village and West Lakeview neighborhoods. At their height well over 100,000 readers visited the sites each month and dozens of great writers, photographers and artists contributed coverage, opinions and insight.

Now shuttered for good, here you can find an archive of the thousands of articles, illustrations and photographs from the CSJ/RVJ team. Thank you for your readership!

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Find Your Police District

The Chicago Police Department is divided in districts and then again into beats. Beats conduct bi-monthly or quarterly meetings with residents. We post beat meetings to the CSJ calendar as the dates become available.

Find Your Neighborhood Group

Our community has a tremendous number of volunteer neighborhood groups formed to better the community that are always open to new members. We keep a somewhat updated list here.

Your Public School

Chicago Public Schools are divided into a dizzying and shifting array of neighborhood schools, magnets, charter schools, academies and much more. A good way to start understanding the process is to identify your neighborhood school and work from there. CSJ maintains pages on each school:

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